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The AIGA SF Diversity Chair is responsible for acting to fulfill the Diversity Initiative mandate of increasing representation of diversity and fostering inclusiveness in regards to gender, race, sexual orientation and identity, age, class, culture/society, and creative diversity within the design profession. We hope to achieve our goals through mentoring, programming, workshops and roundtables, in collaboration with Social Impact, Education, and Programming Chairs, as well as The Inneract Project program.

Additional duties and responsibilities include:

  • Reaching out to nontraditional art schools and youth organizations in underserved communities and seeking to raise interest in and awareness of graphic design.
  • Developing mentoring programs, tools and resources for high school age students and in support of public high school art and graphics teachers.
  • Providing ongoing support of the efforts of The Inneract Project, and its focus on introducing middle school youth to design
  • Participating in public high school Career Fairs and Career Day events
  • Organizing at least one event a year focusing on a topic relevant to a diverse audience
  • Making recommendations on programming and speakers to include designers from different perspectives, communities and disciplines that speak to the myriad practitioners in the industry
  • Supporting and promoting cultural events/exhibitions that reflect diversity and design

As Ric Grefé wrote: “The profession as a whole must demonstrate the understanding and perspectives that can only come from the interplay among many different backgrounds, cultures and experiences.”

The Urban Forest {Mentoring} Project

The Urban Forest Project will be planting banners by students and designers from San Francisco in the heart of the City this Fall. 25 of these banners will be created through the efforts of the AIGA San Francisco and Worldstudio—and AIGA SF members.

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