AIGA San Francisco is led by an inspiring group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and professional experience. Volunteers offer their time and energy to help run programs and initiatives. Together they form a collaborative of interested community members dedicated to supporting Bay Area designers.

Board of Directors

Clement Mok Thumnail


Clement Mok
Co-Founder, Sugarfish

Vice President

Andre Pennycooke
Design Director, Varo

Dawn Zidonis Headshot

Executive Director, Secretary

Dawn Zidonis
Design Bay Area, San Francisco Design Week


Jeff Van Herpen
Financial Consultant at Sunrun Solar

Women in Leadership & Design

Rachel Gogel
Founder, Rachel Gogel LLC & Educator, CCA

Joe Miller Headshot

Events Silicon Valley/South Bay

Joe Miller
Founder, Joe Miller Co.

David Hisaya Asari Thumnail

Design Legacy, Education, Diversity

David Hisaya Asari
Design Educator, California College of Arts

Design Education, Compostmodern

Phil Hamlett
Director, School of Graphic Design, Academy of Art U

Past President

In Memoriam

August de los Reyes
Pioneer of Inclusive Design


Committee Volunteers


Bea Alessio

Designing Products Series Co-Lead

Heyu Huang

Venture Committee

Jesus Chico

Communications Co-Lead


Owen Starr

Mentorship Program

Terrence Williams

Series Lead


Rachel Beth Egenhoefer


Rick Byrne

Design Work Series Lead

Bev Maeda

WILD Programming Lead

Ayesha Mathews Wadhwa

WILD Editorial Lead

Li-Anne Dias

WILD Creative Lead

Shuang Wu

WILD Committee Co-Lead

Karin Ikavalko

WILD Partnership Lead

Isra Safawi

WILD Editorial Co-Lead

Support Staff

Maria Huffine


Executive Assistant

Joey Evans


Event Coordinator