Women in Leadership and Design (WILD) is an initiative of AIGA San Francisco. Our mission is to amplify women and non-binary designers’ collective power and visibility. We mobilize and energize impact in design leadership by focusing our work on connecting, elevating, sharing, and educating designers in our community. Often, we do this through events like group meals, speaker series, workshops, meetups, and more. We exist to redesign leadership, together.


By bringing designers together in intimate settings, we foster community and collectivism

Highlighting design leaders and allies, endeavors, and opportunities lifts us up together

Through stories of lived experience and candid conversations on evolving industry perspectives

By offering skills-building content, coaching, and mentorship we drive leaders’ advancement


WILD Vision Boarding Party
June 25, 2022
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

We are rebooting the Women in Leadership & Design (WILD) community through a virtual vision boarding party during SF Design Week. Vision boarding is an inspiring creative tool for designing a better, more intentional future — a major part of both SFDW’s and WILD’s reasons for being. When we give our hopes, dreams, and wishes form — whether we put them in words by writing them down, or make them tangible through visual design — they are more likely to become a reality. So we will gather, with our own magazine cut outs, found paper objects, and collage materials, to bring our unique visions for a better world to life, together. We are excited to ignite change through art and design, just in time for the SF Pride Parade to kick off. As this year’s “Edge Effect” theme suggests, we seek to bring together a global and intersectional community of designers, strategists, artists, and activists at the edge of connections yet to be made.

Stay tuned for more programming! We’re taking some time to reimagine the WILD calendar for 2022, and beyond.


If you are fortunate enough to have resources or a little extra to spare, please consider making a donation. We greatly rely on the community’s generosity to help support WILD programming. As a 501(c)3, your donations will be used to help effectively promote events to the press, media and general audience as well as cover the cost of platforms, software, catering, event space, our staff and Tech support for virtual events. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

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We’re building an organization of women and non-binary designers to mobilize and energize our impact together. Whether you’re already a design leader, a design professional on the path to design leadership, or an aspiring designer, WILD has something for you. From community to culture to mentorship and career support WILD has a lot planned to amplify our collective power. We’re redesigning leadership, together. Join us to learn, connect, and expand.


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Rachel Gogel
WILD Chair

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WILD Committee Lead

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WILD Digital Lead

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WILD Communications Lead

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WILD Partnership Lead

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WILD Editorial Lead

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