Bev Maeda

WILD Programming Lead

Bev has worn many hats during her 20-plus year career – content design leader, UX lead, localization manager, editor, journalist – spanning a range of companies (Walmart, PayPal, LinkedIn, Spotify). She’s currently at YouTube leading an international team of content designers building great product experiences for creators, artists, and consumers.

Bev grew up in a military family and lived in 5 countries and multiple states before planting roots in San Francisco. Seeing the world through different lenses shaped her values – to be empathetic, inquisitive, and open to other perspectives. As a design thinker, she thrives on finding creative solutions to problems. As a leader and mentor, she strives to motivate and empower, inspire and be inspired.

Bev’s passions are championing gender equality and raising the voices of women and people from underrepresented groups. In her spare time, she talks “shop” with her son and daughter, who are both UX designers.