Heather Jansen

WILD Programming Co-Lead

An ever-curious individual, Heather Jansen grew up in a small town in northeast Indiana, exploring various artistic pursuits throughout her childhood. After initially pursuing computer science, she made a last-minute decision to change her major to graphic design. Graduating in 2003 with almost a double major in photography, she faced a challenging job market, leading her to work in customer service, advertising sales for InStyle and global brand licensing for the National Geographic Society.

In 2013, Heather transitioned into creative work, managing marketing design and production efforts for National Geographic’s book publishing department. It was here that she honed her skills in solving complex design and business problems, streamlining processes and collaborating closely with teams. Following a move to Sonoma County in 2015, she focused on graphic design, freelancing for wineries and agencies, designing a wide range of materials, and even delving into web design and coding.

In 2020, after experiencing an unexpected job loss, Heather transitioned into user experience design and now is working as a Senior Product Designer in the financial tech industry, combining her strengths in strategic planning and creative design. With a diverse background and a passion for both artistry and problem-solving, she continues to thrive in her chosen field, always seeking new opportunities to make a meaningful impact through design. She is located in Oakland, California where she is planting roots for the years to come.