Jesus Chico


Jesus Chico is a Bay Area native and currently working in San Francisco as a brand designer for Nuna. Nuna is a FinTech startup whose mission is to make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. Before working in tech, Jesus worked at the California Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento as a designer to the Voter Outreach Team. He promoted new state programs and was a lead in the redesign of the Voter Registration Cards in 2018. He has also had the pleasure of working on projects with brands like Google, Starbucks, Third Culture Bakery, and Proxy.

As a designer, Jesus believes that the stories we consume define our identity and define the community we become a part of. A responsibility he insists every designer has—to make sure the right stories are being told. As a proponent of narratives, Jesus is eternally curious about the contribution of visual design to human interaction in branding. Additionally, Jesus is fascinated with the study of semiotics and how symbolism contributes to our everyday life.

Outside of design, he spends his time taking photographs, petting any and all dogs he can find, and discovering more meaningful stories through travel.