WILD Portraits: Nicole Parente-Lopez — Part 1

As Executive Creative Director (ECD) of Intuit, Nicole is essential to driving large-scale brand and marketing experiences. And through her former role in 2022 as Communications Lead of Women in Leadership & Design (WILD), Nicole was similarly essential in catalyzing WILD’s revival along with our brand evolution.

In Part 1 of this special two-part WILD Portraits series, we hear about Nicole’s professional path and experiences, her views on leadership, and her wide-ranging interests from 80’s hair metal to anchovies. Be sure to join us for Part 2, when we learn the story of Intuit’s recent rebrand from Nicole’s unique perspective leading that brand shift.


Part 1


How did you get here? Where are you now?

How I got here: grit, determination, and sheer hunger to be the best I can, every single day.

For more than 25 years, I’ve been a strategic and creative leader translating insights into immersive narratives. My functional experience spans multi-disciplinary Creative Direction, Design Strategy, Storytelling, and Corporate Brand Marketing. I’ve been very successful building brand perception and awareness and upholding company reputation and loyalty.

As a team builder, I nurture a strong sense of community and purpose—rallying troops, inspiring their passion and rigor to deliver impact. Recognized for my sound judgment and steady hand, I am considered a go-to partner, internally and externally.

I currently serve as Executive Creative Director (ECD) of Intuit. In this role, I lead multidisciplinary creative teams to deliver cohesive end-to-end global brand and marketing experiences, galvanizing Inuit's employees, customers, and shareholders around Intuit's mission and vision. I’m focused on creating brand experiences that are memorable, innovative, and that form true connections with internal and external audiences.

In addition, I sit on the leadership team of Intuit's Design Community, aligning common priorities, shared tools, calibrating talent, and shaping and driving a shared vision for Design's charter and priorities across all of Intuit’s product brands.


One thing I wish I had known as a young designer…

Not everyone can see what's in your head. Be articulate and detailed in your words to sell your vision, and get visual quickly!


What drew you to the WILD group?

The opportunity to connect and learn from other women design leaders, as well as to showcase a path to the next generation.


What is your view on the state of design today? The state of leadership?

To be honest, I find most of today's design to be predictable and homogenized. It's a sea of sameness, and lacks soul.


What leadership tips do you have for us?

Lead with inquiry, always.
Set the vision, and inspire teams to dream big.
Listen carefully. Spend your time where only you can add value.
Always be coaching.


What inspires you, or how do you stay inspired?

My endless curiosity for everything keeps me busy. I'm always digging for new things to see / hear / taste, and I always seek fresh ways to see or experience our world. Currently digging deep in the worlds of form and color, light and space.


What words do you live by?

What if...?


What or who would you have been in another life?

There are so many answers to this! Baseball player, architect, typographer, art historian, pasta granny...


What are you listening to lately?

I listen to a lot of things, mood dependent. One fun fact is that I somehow still know most lyrics to every hair metal hit from the 1980s, for better or worse.


Sh*t you love

Peloton, anchovies, the ocean, ambition, licorice, F1 racing, contemporary art, mid-century modern architecture, my son, documentaries, music, nail polish, non-fiction, wonder, dark chocolate.


Connect with Nicole on Instagram @nickieglasses, and on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/nparentelopez/.

And remember to tune in for Part 2, when Nicole shares the process and experience of leading Intuit’s recent rebrand.


As Women in Leadership & Design (WILD) redefines paradigms of design leadership, we elevate the perspectives of the creative leaders in our midst. “WILD Portraits” shares the distinct stories of Bay Area women and non-binary design leaders, highlighting each individual’s unique path and point of view. Together, these profiles provide a sketch of the state of design leadership and how it’s evolving.