Studio Tour: Brandcast Recap

Last night we headed to Brandcast for a fresh perspective on a twenty-first century problem - web design! The highlight? Hearing attendees imagining new opportunities for their careers and place of work.

Brandcast became a reality about four years ago when the founder, Hayes Metzger, formerly from, recognized the strong disconnect between web design, designers and marketers. He set out to create Brandcast, the only code-free website platform that enables creative freedom and high-velocity marketing.

They recently launched Brandcast 2.0 and gave us the full run down of how it works. The team even shared an in-depth look at how New York Fashion Week utilized the platform to be able to continuously and efficiently update their website. Yes, Brandcast can function just as fast as one of the largest events in the city that never sleeps.

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Photo Credit: Matt Harris. See all the pictures here!