Brandcast: Code-free Web Design

Next month we are excited to head to the Brandcast home office for our October studio tour in order to get an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes. We were able to sit down with CMO Chris Schreiber to get the lowdown on their cutting-edge product.

So, what is Brandcast? Glad you asked, Brandcast is a cloud-based website platform that allows professional designers to create code-free websites. Our platform empowers marketing and creative teams to design, publish and manage their entire spectrum of website projects, large to small, on a single platform.

What problem is Brandcast trying to solve? Professional website design and publishing is unnecessarily complicated and expensive. Part of the reason is that there currently isn’t an end-to-end platform for professional designers to work on the web. There are plenty of templated solutions if an off-the-shelf design is fine for your needs, but these platforms become more and more unwieldy as you try to customize them to match your brand. So most designers are still forced to use offline design tools to design websites and the process of converting those designs into code is time consuming, expensive, and ultimately leaves nobody happy. Our designers, engineers, and marketers have all felt that pain so we were inspired to create something better.

Makes sense. What types of companies are using Brandcast? We’ve seen that the current pain with producing even a modestly branded website is felt on companies of all sizes, so our customer base reflects that broad applicability. We have large enterprise customers across finance, CPG, real estate, manufacturing and entertainment verticals, who are using Brandcast to power all or parts of their web portfolios. We see a huge range of use cases among those archetypes, but some very common ones are product sites, event sites, innovative content marketing, and digital sales collateral. We also have a number of agencies and independent designers that are using the platform to make websites for clients and power their own portfolios.

Interesting, tell us more about how agencies or freelancers use the product? It’s a really symbiotic relationship with both agencies and freelancers; Brandcast help them expand their digital business without adding headcount and they do a great job of uncovering new uses of our platform and exposing our product to new audiences. For larger agencies who have an ongoing web design practice this is a platform that enables them to increase their margins and expand the number of projects they can take on by subtracting all technical dependency and development costs. For smaller shops or independent designers our tool can be truly transformative because it enables them to own the end-to-end process of web design and publishing, often for the first time.

Very cool. So tell us about some exciting new features. One of the lynchpin features we recently released is our Interactions suite. To create custom interactive features on a website historically required knowing Javascript, HTML 5, CSS3, and potentially other programming languages. Now we enable designers to implement custom interactions on any of their sites without needing to know how to write in any of those languages. It’s a huge new set of capabilities to put in designers’ hands and one of our biggest differentiators among the broader landscape of website builders and more limited web design tools.

So if I wanted to try Brandcast out, what’s my next step? You can go directly to our website at and download a free trial so you can try it out. We have multiple subscription tiers depending on how many sites you plan to build and you can find all of that information on our website or by talking through the options with our awesome Customer Success team.

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