Design Festivals 11 August 2021
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SFDW's mission is to inspire and enable progress in the creative community. This year, they’ve taken the time to revisit and adapt to better reflect the world around us. The following principles are designed to inform our perspective as we move forward together.

  • Celebrate our differences and advocate for each other
  • Foster space for accessible and inclusive creativity
  • Listen and learn by amplifying marginalized voices
  • Spread knowledge and share resources
  • Use our power to support our community

This year’s theme puts these values into practice as we explore the power of design.

Power is everywhere. It’s local and global, personal and public, selfish and selfless. There is power in the food we eat, the music we make, and the ideas we share. Power is a seat at the table, a path forward, and a new beginning.



Recent societal shifts have given us a glimpse into the frameworks that power our world, revealing a critical moment for change.

– What does power look like in today’s world?

– Where can it be found?

– What does power mean to you?

– How can design be used to support and promote change?



We have an opportunity to step back and reconsider the way we think about power — and by questioning existing institutions, we can help distribute and delegate power with equitable intentions.

This year, we’re reclaiming, redefining, and reinventing the power we hold. With great power comes great possibility.

  2021 Theme courtesy of Landscape Design