Auction / Expo 13 November 2016
Design Show-and-Sell
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts

2665 Mission St

San Francisco

Event is over
2:00 pm
Doors open for Preview ticketholders
3:00 pm
Open to the general public. Refreshments available for purchase.
5:00 pm
Sale ends

Have you always wanted to own a piece of design history? And even better – get it from the designer who made it? Show-and-Sell is your opportunity to meet some of the region’s design greats and rummage through their samples, collectibles, and collections – and take home your favorite pieces. For a small price (if you’re lucky), but also for a great cause: AIGA SF’s Scholarship Fund.

You'll discover

  • Books
  • posters
  • magazines
  • ephemera
  • rarities
  • design manuals
  • one-of-a-kinds
  • limited editions
  • and other treasures from the flat files of...
Clement Mok, Michael Vanderbyl, John Bielenberg, Gaby Brink, and many others. A preview ticket gets you in early (2–3pm) before doors open to the general public.

Show-and-Sell is organized by David Peters, Rhonda Rubinstein, and Clement Mok for Compostmodern, with Preview Events and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. Join us this Sunday as we kick-off Social Innovation Week, a festival and celebration of the many ways people in the Bay Area area come together to innovate for the greater good.

Featuring items from:

Kit Hinrichs
Kit Hinrichs' design firm, Studio Hinrichs, engages in all types of design projects, including corporate communications, brand identity, promotion and publishing.
Gaby Brink
Gaby Brink is the founder, CEO and chief designer of Sparkwise and Tomorrow Partners, where Sparkwise was incubated.
Michael Mabry
Someone who worked with Michael Mabry once likened his creative style to that of a jazz musician: “He's the Miles Davis of design.”
Clement Mok
Clement Mok's many achievements are not easy to pin down. Designer. Publisher. Educator. Entrepreneur. CEO. Visionary.
John Bielenburg
John Bielenberg is a German graphic designer classified as an entrepreneur and a design thinker.
Mitchell Mauk
Mitchell Mauk is Principal of Mauk Design, a San Francisco design firm that specializes in exhibit design and corporate communications.