Design Festivals 10 June 2023
SF Design Week 2023: DAY 5
9:00 am - 9:00 pm

The Bay Area

9:00 am
Day 5 begins
9:00 pm
Day 5 ends

June 6–11th, 2023

This years theme is 'Plot Twist' Changing the way the story unfolds

To shape the future, we need to embrace change — a key concept in the history of the Bay Area. San Francisco is a city built on twists and turns. Whether intentional or unexpected, change is always a chance to find a better way. At San Francisco Design Week (SFDW), we’re compelled to explore the turning points in design, business, and life that invite us to make choices, get creative, and take charge of the story. In partnership with Mission-based branding studio, Pact, SFDW presents the theme for our 2023 event: ‘Plot Twist.’ This year’s timely concept is an opportunity to gather and discuss inspiring stories through the lens of design – complete with unexpected turns, chance encounters, bold characters, and thrilling outcomes.

Stars Aligning

Join us June 06 – 11, 2023, in a city-wide festival that brings together a diverse, global community of designers, strategists, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists. As with any good story, we can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen, but there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone new, have a conversation that changes the way you think about something, and leave with a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration.

Embracing Change

In real life and throughout the creative process, there are plot twists. Newfound tools and technologies change the trajectory of our career. Supply chain issues lead us to discover a better way of doing things. A door closing opens a window to a more aligned opportunity. The world around us is constantly changing, from tech to the social landscape, and it gives us the chance to determine the role we want to play and how we want to evolve the narrative moving forward.

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Thank you to AIGA SF for your continued support of Design Bay Area and San Francisco Design Week and thanks to Pact Studio, the 2023 Theme Partner!