Sponsored Content 09 December 2020
Leading with Compassion: Porch Portraits
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


San Francisco

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Relationship Design is a creative approach to driving business and social value focused on building relationships with customers, employees, and the community. It considers the connections a person has with other people in their life, the ongoing relationship they can have with a company, and the relationships people have with their wider community and planet.

Join our Salesforce Design Team for this deep dive into one of the four mindsets of the practice, compassion! We will showcase how we’ve been able to acknowledge the humanity of colleagues and customers, and approach collaboration with a supportive attitude during this challenging year.


The Salesforce Design teams are dedicated to elevating design as a practice and advocating for its power to create trusted relationships with users, customers, partners, and community. We’re bringing together our internal and external design communities, sharing our knowledge with the industry, and helping redefine the future of business by putting relationships front and center. We are putting a name to this relationship-oriented design practice, Relationship Design, and bringing its philosophy, tools, and methodologies to our ecosystem and the world at large.

Amy Guterman, Director, Impact Labs
Cheran Tej Madamsetty, Experience Design Architect
Joanne Tateishi, Senior Experience Consultant
Jose Rafael Jimenez, Director, Experience Design
Pavithra Ramamurthy, Sr. Product Designer, Design Systems UX