W.I.L.D. 24 July 2019
WILD + AIGA SF present Gender Neutral Design
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


130 Sutter Street

San Francisco

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Stereotypes and gender biases are ever present in our lives. We're stereotyped for the clothes we wear, foods we eat, and even the media we choose to consume. Design stereotypes and biases are no different. As designers, it's our responsibility to overcome these biases of what we unconsciously believe is "feminine" or "masculine."

In the design world, we have a mantra to "design for our audience." Therefore, if our audience is primarily women, it makes sense to use more "feminine" imagery, colours, typography, language... right? These are the gender biases that we need to work towards to overcome.

"I've been fortunate to experience working in industries where gender is more of a concept rather than a mandate. My experience designing in healthcare, fitness & now early education has been challenging and beautiful, due to the diversity of my audience. I've had the pleasure to lead projects and features that focus on improving someone's health for the long term, keeping in mind that similar to gender, personal health is also not the same for everyone. My current experience in early education has the potential to be most impactful, since the work my team and I are undertaking will be visible to a younger, more impressionable audience." K.Kotval

Karina Kotval
Hey there! My name is Karina. I'm a queer, woman-of-color working as a product designer in SF. Originally, I'm from India; where opportunities for women (queer women, especially) are limited. My family moved to the US when I was 10 years old. I've been working since then to make this country home and understand my identity in this fun yet troubling world we call "tech." My experience has been vast. I'm a fine artist by nature and went to college for design on the East coast. I worked as an engineer post college, but went to my design roots when I moved to California. I've worked in higher-ed, health & fitness, and now lead the product design team for an early-ed startup in San Francisco. I'm looking to be more involved in the design community to share my experiences and have conversations with people who are looking to transition into design, struggling with being brown & queer, or anyone who's having a hard time assimilating in American culture (been there, done that). Design is a common language shared amongst many cultures and countries; and I'd love to help expand that.