Designing Products 10 January 2018
When things go wrong – Designing for errors and edge cases
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


1019 Market Streeet

San Francisco

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6:00 pm
Doors Open// Mingle & Drinks (21+)
6:30 pm
Panel Discussion
7:30 pm
Mingle & Drinks (21+)
9:00 pm
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Making errors is part of being human, whether it’s a user’s mistake or a product flaw. How these situations are handled is hugely important, and is one of the most critical parts of user experience. The essence of usability is coping with non-happy paths. We will be focusing the conversation on designing for errors and how to design for when things go wrong. Join us for a panel discussion focusing on what an error is, how to prevent them and how to design for them. This talk will cover best practices for error handling, messages, states and the design and timing behind all of it. The panel will share some of the worst error experiences along with the best so you can create ease in an unfortunate situation.

Join us and the panel and learn how companies approach errors.

    Some Questions We Will Cover:
    What is an error?
    How do you prevent errors?
    How do you design for errors?
    What are the best practices for error handling, messages and states?

Andrea Drugay, UX Writer, Dropbox
Andrea Drugay is a writer and editor in San Francisco, CA. She has been a writer and editor for over 20 years, in fields as diverse as high tech, advertising, marketing, yoga, fitness, and wellness. She has a BA in Communication and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her work has been featured in various literary journals and anthologies, including the highly regarded personal essay collection, Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God.
Christy Yang, UX Design, Google
Christy Yang has been a UX designer on Google Maps for the last 2+ years, focused on empowering users explore and navigate their world. While there, she launched a myriad of features such as parking and multi-destination routing, and evolved the Maps framework to be more real-time and contextual. Before Google Maps, she worked on the Self-driving car team when it was still in it's experimental phases; focused on empowering the elderly to gain back their sense of independence. She now works on YouTube Go centered around designing for emerging markets.
Tomas Brennessl, Product Design, Facebook
Tomas Brennessl is a product designer on Social Good & Goodwill at Facebook. His main focus is on community sentiment and growth infrastructure, serving more than 2 billion people around the world. Previously, he designed the award-winning Nest Learning Thermostat, and other home automation products at Nest, and Google. Prior to designing at large technology companies, he advised and helped Y Combinator's startups to bring diverse ideas to life.
Lukas Bugla, Experience Design, Adobe
Lukas is working as an senior designer at Adobe’s Cross-Cloud Customer Experience team. For the last 10+ years he has been designing and building digital experiences and worked on a wide range of products, from mobile and desktop applications to web products for some of the world's largest companies such as SAP, VMware and Groupon. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and working on side projects.