interview 05 May 2020
Design 1:1
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


San Francisco

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Now is more important than ever to connect with a mentor and receive feedback and advice from experienced designers in the Bay Area so we've transitioned our Portfolio Day to a new program Design 1:1. You will be able to speak directly to a leader online one on one to get your portfolio reviewed, practice interviewing, ask for feedback or get your questions answered about what you need to do to accomplish your goals as a designer.

Design 1:1

Design 1:1 is a one-time meeting online between you and a mentor:

  • Get your portfolio reviewed online
  • Receive general Mentorship
  • Practice interviewing or strengthen your presentation skills
  • Receive feedback about your career, resume, linkedin, social media presence or general questions or advice about best practice


  • Designers in UX or UI, Product Designers, Graphic Design, Branding, Emerging Technologies, Print and Communications
  • Individuals looking to change roles or need career advice, job seekers, those who took some time off to care for family or designers who are looking for guidance, portfolio reviews, feedback on resumes or general questions.


    Please be respectful of your mentors time and follow these rules:

  • This is not a job interview: Please do not solicit work or a job from your assigned mentor
  • Please do not try to sell products or services or solicit funding or contacts.
  • This is not on-going program: The mentor assigned to you has agreed to meet with you once.
  • Limited spots are available so we will offer them first to attendees who have not yet had a session.
  • If you are a no-show you will not be invited back. If you are unable to attend due to an emergency, contact so she can let your mentor know.
  • We will be offering Design 1:1 Mentorship spots all week! This first round has limited spots, but don't worry if it fills up! We'll be releasing new spots each week!


  • We're accepting volunteers with 5+ years of professional experience as a designer in the Bay Area
  • Mentors sign up for 2 sessions (30 minutes each) back to back. You will meet online with 2 different attendees.
  • Mentees range from students to designers looking to move into a different role, individuals who have taken some time off to care for family, job seekers and designers who are simply looking for guidance.
  • Mentees needs will vary by individual. This is a time for them to ask questions for career advice, practice interviewing or get a portfolio review. They might have specific questions like guidance on best practices. When you login, after introductions, ask them what they'd like help with during the call so you can be realistic with what you can help them with during the 30 minute timeframe.
  • Please only sign up if you can be present online at your sessions! This is a highly curated program with attendees signing up for specific time slots. If you cancel your mentee is left without a session!
  • We do not share your contact information with mentees.
  • We only ask that you meet with your mentee this one time. If you want to continue meeting with your attendee or schedule another session, you can choose to do so and share contact information.
  • Sign up for your sessions as a Mentor here to choose your sessions!