Panel 24 June 2019
Culture in Workplace Design: The Battleground for the Soul of a Project
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


130 Sutter Street

San Francisco

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There is a belief that the design of workplaces can fix culture. And yet, frequently, the design process uncovers a misalignment between a company’s cultural aspirations vs their cultural realities.

While design firms are able to facilitate a better understanding of a company’s cultural reality, the gap between the aspiration and the reality cannot be bridged solely by design. As companies begin to understand this, more and more workplace design comes under the aegis of HR / People Operations.

The battleground for the "soul" of the project now exists within the C Suite: CEO, CFO, and Head of People. Design then becomes an interpreter of the value sets that result from the merging of culture realities and aspirations.

Join Elfreda Chan, Senior Associate – Strategy at M Moser Associates and industry expert Orla McHenry, former Head of Workplace at Stripe, for a conversation on design, culture and what it means in the workplace. They will lead an in-depth exploration around how workplace design has supported or hindered the value sets and behaviors that are important to businesses, especially as they grow and transform.

  • Elfreda Chan, Senior Associate,Strategy
  • Orla McHenry, former Head of Workplace, Stripe