Designing Products 11 June 2018
Designing Products: How to Design Inclusive Products
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


1019 Market Street

San Francisco

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Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude users. Inclusive design challenges us to think beyond our everyday experiences and to look beyond our own biases to design solutions that address hidden, and sometimes, overlooked user needs, capabilities and aspirations. By understanding user diversity, we inform our decisions, and thus, include as many people as possible.

Margo Stern, Content Strategist at Facebook
Margo Stern, currently a Content Strategist at Facebook, has been making the rounds in Silicon Valley content circles since it became a thing (about ten years ago). After stepping away from a conventional career in advertising, she helped shape the Content Strategy discipline at both Google and Twitter. While her day-to-day work takes her wherever the product needs it most, she’s maintained a passion and commitment to researching, advocating and expanding the practice of inclusive content strategy. This includes writing standards, giving talks, and even doing some field research in India. Margo lives in San Francisco with her husband and (at least two) cats.
Catherine Idylle, Interaction Designer at Google
Catherine Idylle is an interaction designer at Google on the Central Accessibility team. In this role, she focuses on ensuring cross-horizontally that products at Google are accessible and inclusive. Most recently, she has spoken at Google I/O and CSUN. She has previously been on G Suite and Ads. Catherine studied psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University. She is originally from Paris.
Allison Shaw, Senior Product Designer at Zendesk
Allison Shaw is a senior product designer at Zendesk, heading up the company’s design system. After 10 years of experience across a broad range of industries, Allison developed a knack for shipping consumer products with major impact for both customers and bottom lines. She loves learning about user and business needs, identifying unique opportunities, designing systems, and collaborating with product and engineering partners to craft the best possible experiences. More than anything, she is passionate about making technology that works for people and meaningfully impacts their lives.
Fahrettin Tasdelen, Product Designer at Lyft
Fahrettin is currently a Product Designer on the Growth team at Lyft. In this role, he creates seamless driver experiences mainly focused on Driver Onboarding. Prior to Lyft, he gained 15 years of experience delivering high-impact products at agencies and startups. He is passionate about human behavior, psychology, and emotional design. He additionally spends his time advising startups in Silicon Valley.