Visa & AIGA SF’s ‘WILD’ Partnership

We're excited to share our partnership with AIGA SF's WILD program: Women in Leadership and Design. We take pride in being a part of a program supporting females on their path to leadership; Diversity and Inclusion is a core value at Visa. It’s an amazing opportunity for Visa to become top of mind when thinking of design in the Bay Area, as well as open our space, studio, and talent.

Read below to learn how we envision this program making a meaningful impact on women's professional development and cultivating a community that empowers women in design.

Photographer: Sherese Elsey

Photographer: Sherese Elsey

Photographer: Sherese Elsey

Kickoff Success

Visa & AIGA kicked off our series of events at the Visa SF Innovation Center in early December with a great turnout of attendees. We designed a night to get past the small talk, challenging participants to share personal stories with conversation prompts:

"Tell a story about a time you took a risk. Did you fail? Succeed? What did you learn?"

"Sketch your superpower."

"What's something you can offer? Whats something you need help with?"

This created a welcoming atmosphere to get to know each other on a deeper level through meaningful conversations. One participant said she was thankful to us for, "...creating space to have women build each other up." We think this was a great success!

Yet To Come

Over the next six months we will host three more events to gather women together in a positive atmosphere. We're planning for:

  • A storytelling workshop to help participants refine their personal story
  • A creative night where participants can learn a new skill
  • A panel discussion with thought leaders to share their experiences
  • Want to learn more and stay in the loop? Of course, you do! You can find out about our upcoming events by signing up for the AIGA newsletter at Link Below.

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    Photographer: Sherese Elsey


    A huge thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make our first event possible. Also, to the attendees for being vulnerable enough to get past the small talk. Last, but certainly not least, to AIGA for their support and pioneering such an amazing program.

    See you at the next event!

    Miranda Morgan & Erica Stivison

    Visa San Francisco Innovation Team

    UX Design & Research