Studio Tour: Landor

A studio that first began on a literal ship, Landor is now moored in an open workspace with Brooklyn-esque exposed brick and filled to the brim with creatives and good vibes. Last night the AIGA SF community was invited to come aboard and learn about a business that just celebrated 75 years afloat—are you tired yet of our ship puns?

How has Landor not sunk (the last one, we promise) by the competition, you ask? By constantly evolving and shifting their guidelines from a graphic design philosophy to principles based on experience.

In keeping everything above board (maybe a stretch…), they shared a variety of projects from the past year. They often don’t touch computers the first week of a project kick-off and include designers from all disciplines on the project—even industrial designers so that they think beyond just the visual identity, considering the structural one, as well.

Their favorite perk of the job? They can bounce ideas past Landor’s 29 offices across the globe, from Sydney, Mexico City, to Paris, but at the end of the day, it’s the people in the desks next to them that keep their creative fire alive.

Thank you Landor for opening up your doors and giving us a peek into your projects, process and the people behind the long-standing company!

A big thank you to all our volunteers!

Photo Credit: Matt Harris

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