Show and Tell: Pencil Paper Scissors

You couldn’t miss it…

Michael Mabry’s oversize pull-toy, studded with tiny nails and plastered with colorful bits of paper – sourced from parking tickets, movie stubs, junk mail and print ads – stands guard in the Show and Tell exhibit.

“I’ve built quite a few of these,” says 2014 AIGA Medalist graphic designer Michael. “They’re rude, they’re crude, and they make a nice break from what I do for a living… I have a love of the basic and untutored and the immediate idea of conveying information that makes a statement without a lot of frills. It’s part of my purpose to touch people.”

To find inspiration in a worn parking ticket, look into Michael’s bag of tricks.

This video was recorded the afternoon of Friday, March 7, 2014 at the Center for Architecture and Design in San Francisco, California, USA. Michael Mabry is an AIGA Centennial Medalist.

Curated by Karin Hibma and graciously gifted to AIGA SF by CRONAN