SFDW announces 2017 theme

In 2015, SF Design Week celebrated the omnipresence of design within our unique Bay Area community with the theme "Look closer". We celebrated our desire to push the boundaries of design, technology, and alternative thinking. We celebrated our drive to disrupt the industry, to explore and break new grounds, to tap into unorthodox thinking.

But in 2016, our aspirations were challenged. Current events shook our communities and our hearts. Our assumptions were challenged. Our beliefs, our values, our ideas, our confidence in our progress- who we were, as designers, thinkers, human beings- were challenged. This year, we want to celebrate not just design itself, but the communities and people and issues that continually change the way we understand design.

We invite you to join us from June 14-22 to embark on the message of question everything.

Question design. Question whether democratizing design is destructive.  Question equality in design. Question how we handle diversity and inclusion in design. Question our responsibilities to our communities as designers, and what design can mean for social change. Question both our powers and limitations as designers. And finally, question whether we’re designing for the future-- or for a new reality.

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2017 Campaign "Question everything" courtesy of Essen International.

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