San Francisco Design Week Theme Announced


San Francisco Design Week just launched this years theme Intentional Distortions with the 2020 Agency Partner with Landscape.

Thinking of hosting an event or creating a public installation or exhibition? SFDW's Call for Submissions is now open!

If a distortion is a change, then an intentional distortion is an experiment.

By challenging existing beliefs or accepted truths, we can provoke the familiar and welcome in change. As designers and creatives, our ambitions to explore our world comes to life in our work and, in turn, pushes us forward beyond the expected.

A concept that plays with the idea of perception, intentionally distorting realities means understanding what else might exist in a world we find familiar, improving our collective, and ever-evolving experience on planet Earth.

  • How can you look at the same thing in different ways?
  • What tools can you use to change reality?
  • What processes and programs can be manipulated to rethink the familiar?
  • Today, momentum can look more like a ripple than a line. By engaging intentional distortion in our practice, we can upend good to discover great. Intentional destinations, unknown distortions. This year, we invite you to challenge familiarity, bias, and what we know of reality. Visit San Francisco Design Week to look for opportunity in optimism, lean into your process, and loosen the grip.

    See you in June at San Francisco Design Week!