PayPal + AIGA SF

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a long-term partnership with PayPal User Experience Design bringing you engaging conversations about UX topics, networking and career opportunities from some of the top thought leaders the Bay Area has to offer. Over the next year, we’ll be exploring topics such as Investing in a UX Community of Practice, and Embedding Discovery throughout the Culture. We will be diving deep to offer you access to relevant resources and insights about UX in the Bay Area as well as at PayPal, which includes Venmo and Xoom.

Why PayPal?

Fueled by a fundamental belief that having access to financial services creates opportunity, PayPal is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy. PayPal’s User Experience community creates meaningful and cohesive end-to-end experiences through a deep understanding of customers and exceptional design, while fostering an atmosphere where strong discovery practices and high-quality content, research and design are expected and celebrated.

“Our investment in user experience community benefits our teams (at PayPal, Venmo, Xoom and other brands) as well as our customers, resulting in an energized and accountable team of designers, researchers and content designers and happy repeat customers. Its a win-win for all of us.” - Dorelle Rabinowitz

Series Launch: Investing in User Experience

We will be launching the first in the series during San Francisco Design Week on June 24th, 2019 about Creating our UX Community of Practice (CoP). Tickets go on sale May 15th, or sign up for our digital newsletter to get the deets ahead of everyone else!

Interested in job opportunities at PayPal?

Check out current roles available: PayPal Talent Network or contact

Meet the Paypal Team

Daniela Jorge

VP of Global Design & User Research

Daniela Jorge is the Vice President of Global Design and User Research at PayPal leading a team responsible for creating meaningful and cohesive end-to-end experiences through a deep understanding of PayPal’s customers and exceptional design. Previously, she was Vice President of Digital Design and UX at AT&T and a Sr. Director of Design at eBay. Daniela has also held leadership roles at Intuit and Yahoo! and helped to shape the online experience at companies such as Kaiser Permanente and Kodak. She is also a member of the Board of Directors at BayBrazil.

Lucie Hyde

Senior Director of Content

Lucie is a global e-commerce leader with a flair for working internationally in diverse teams. I am passionate about developing people and empowering them to deliver world-class customer experiences through integrated strategies, effective communication and agile, scalable and efficient operations. She is an excellent people person with a collaborative, coaching style. I earned the top team engagement scores in the EU director population at eBay two years running, achieving 97% positive engagement in the second year. Her experience spans e-commerce, financial services, e-government and news journalism and includes experience in operational, strategic and senior leadership roles. Her expertise includes content strategy & management, globalisation & localisation, user experience & design, and commercial & channel management. She has extensive experience of leading through change and have a deep interest in and understanding of web and content technologies, and the possibilities these offer to customers and commercial organisations. Her personal interests include travel, baking, teaching children to code, running a Girl Guide unit and spending time with her two children and two dogs.

Lauren Palmer

Senior Director, User Experience Research

Lauren works with Designers to define new user experiences informed and influenced by customers and end users. She applies a research-led approach in a creative and strategic way, using design research and planning methods to define future experiences and manage a path to deliver them. Her work generates genuinely meaningful insights - and while these can be tremendously powerful on their own, the real magic is in synthesis and translation. She works with design teams to define new approaches and experiences that can change the way people use a product, or interact with a brand. Grounding the design work in genuine insights makes it much more powerful, engaging and ultimately successful, especially as there is ‘user testing’ baked in from the start. She would characterize her work as creative research and experience strategy. In the last few years she has developed and worked with a number of innovative processes and modeling tools that explore opportunities for new markets, products, services and strategies, as well as a framework for taking things from concept to reality. She is very proud of the wide range of work she has been involved in, both agency and client side, in diverse areas including mobile, digital, product design, marketing and corporate strategy. Lauren is an influential leader, both with teams and her overall strategic approach. Finding those nuggets of inspiration that allow you to creatively design the future, leads to a defining customer experience and often transformational change.

Dorelle Rabinowitz

Senior Director, UX Community of Practice

Dorelle Rabinowitz leads the Global User Experience Community of Practice at PayPal, driving user experience excellence, creating efficiencies of scale through design ops and design systems, and investing in our community’s culture. Previously at PayPal, she led the Consumer, Venmo and Credit design teams, driving iterative design and development of consumer-facing experiences. Dorelle has led teams and created design systems at Intuit, eBay, Google, and Yahoo!. She has deep expertise in system-level creation and development of design languages and has a teeny teeny thing about Elvis.

Erika Kindlund

Senior Director, Merchant & Credit User Experience Design & Research

Erika Kindlund leads the Merchant & Credit User Experience design & research teams responsible for creating and enabling the world’s best commerce experiences for consumers and merchants. The team supports products and experiences such as PayPal Checkout, PayPal Credit, PayPal Working Capital and Business Financing, and PayPal Business account servicing and integration experiences for SMB’s, Mid-Market & Large Enterprises, Partners, Marketplaces and Developers. She has 16 years of experience in Business FinTech and financial management, including leading the QuickBooks & Quickbooks for Accountants design organizations at Intuit. Erika is an adventure vehicle conversion enthusiast who prefers trips to Overland Expo to a day at the spa.


Check out current roles available: PayPal Talent Network or contact