Oracle + AIGA SF: Exploring design one interaction at a time

At Oracle, we’ve been eagerly looking forward to our partnership with AIGA SF. It’s one of those moments when the design stars align and we get to share our inspiration, insights, and reflection with a community of design-minded folks.

Throughout this partnership, we want to celebrate the broad strokes, the pixel-nudging details, the behind-the-scene processes, and everything in between. If it contributes to exceptional design, we’re game to explore it. Because that’s what we’re focused on every day: designing experiences that will help people fall in love with Oracle one interaction at a time.

And we recognize that remarkable design requires more than just attention to detail. It requires heart, patience, and, most importantly, community. Luckily for us, collaborating with AIGA SF will allow us to connect with and learn from the design communities who help us to prosper.

From our internal family of designers and on-campus Design Tech High School to partners like AIGA SF and the thriving design communities across the Bay Area, we owe our design prosperity to the individuals that make it all possible.

Over the coming months, we’ll share a series of content, events, and insights. We invite you to join us in this exploration of design and design community or even be a part of the team at Oracle Design.