Isra Safawi

WILD Editorial Co-Lead

Isra is a product designer from India who grew up in Vietnam, currently calling San Francisco her home. Over the years, she has led her own creative studio and worked with organizations like Apple, Tetra Pak and The Government of India. She is currently working at Reddit, with a focus on creating a place on the internet where people from different parts of the world can find community and belonging under one virtual roof. Part of the internationalization team, she is committed to making a product that is scalable and welcoming for new and existing users.

As someone who grew up with the internet, Isra strongly believes in the transformative impact that access to information and technology has on people’s lives. She’s passionate about making this accessible to the next billion users.

Isra is curious by nature and a serial hobbyist — these days, she can mostly be found crocheting goods for her friends, reading in the park or watching TLC shows.