Irina Blok

Programming Co-Chair

Irina Blok is a Russian-born, Silicon Valley-based designer and artist. In the past 15 years she has worked for a number of tech companies including Yahoo, Google, Apple and Adobe. One of her best known projects was design of the Google Android logo, the first open source logo of it’s kind. She started her career at Landor Associates as a brand designer, and helped create and evolve HP, Visa, H&R Block and FedEx brands. Most recently she was interviewed by The New York Times Magazine, and her work has garnered recognition from Communication Arts Magazine, How Magazine, AIGA CI Annual, and Graphis.

Entrepreneur at heart, Irina runs Creative Blok, a little apparel design company inspired by what’s happening in the world today. Products include a collection of fashionable surgical masks, humorous jewelry and funemployed pins. She had appeared on ABC’s Reality Show Shark Tank as one of the contestants, and her products were featured in NBC’s Today show, USA Today, SF Weekly, NY Daily News, Elle Magazine and multiple publications around the world.

In her spare time she enjoys working out, traveling and spending time with her daughter.