Introducing Expand: A 5-Part Series

As we kick off a new season at AIGA SF, we’ve been thinking a lot about what is going on in our community; A space that is continuously evolving — worlds beyond even the virtual imagination— and at the heart of it all, are the people behind the products, apps, and new inventions: you, the designers.

Thus, we created a series that we hope will allow you to stay on the forefront of all these technologies, and deepen your engagement with design; a series that will help you recalibrate as a designer so that you can expand and grow in the field.

Expand is a 5-part series in collaboration with our partner Vitamin T, created to expand your experiences, network and knowledge.

We are excited to kick it all off on September 28th, with a talk on Designing Your Own Story. By Dave Nguyen, Senior Art Director at Duarte.

Duarte, known for their unique VisualStory™ methodology, is a creative agency that helps companies move people with their ideas through empathy and compelling stories. From keynotes on the big stage, interactive applications to everyday presentations and communications. They teach their methodology through best-selling books, workshops, and e-courses.

Being a Visual Storyteller includes sharing your process with others and helping them understand how your work translates to their success. Whether your audience is a new client that you’re pitching to, or collaborating with an Art Director on a project, it’s important to communicate your perspective with authenticity and clarity.

On September 28th, Dave Nguyen will talk about how visual storytelling has shaped his career in design and how it can help you in designing your own story.

See how the company applies their storytelling method to launch a new and disruptive product into the world.

Hyperloop One Success Story from Duarte on Vimeo.

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