In Memory of August de los Reyes: Chapter President 2018-2020

August de los Reyes, inclusive design pioneer and AIGA San Francisco chapter president, passed away December 21st due to Covid complications.

August was a was a champion for design that is meaningful, inclusive and humane and he demonstrated his beliefs in his day to day professional and personal life.

His career spanned 25 years with roles as Head of Software Design at Microsoft for Xbox, Head of Design at Pinterest, Director of User Experience at Google and most recently Chief Design Officer at Varo.


Above all things, August, believed in community. He often said that working in the design profession goes hand-in-hand with belonging to the local design community. Upon moving to the Bay Area in 2016, he felt one had to be active in finding opportunities by participating in our profession’s community which he always made a priority. He believed in the rich diversity of talent and work that makes San Francisco an international design capital and it was his hope and vision that together we could unite the past and future under this common theme.

His vision was fueled not only by his personal passion for design and the people who made up this community but by the passion he witnessed that all of us share. He was endlessly optimistic, positive and always giving of his time without asking anything in return other than for us to continue to design technology that is relevant and meaningful to everyday lives.

Our thoughts are with his husband Rein, family and colleagues during this time.

Join us in continuing his legacy by taking steps in your own career to design for all. Share your memories, messages and ways he inspired you here.

“When I see good design, I see a love story”

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