IDEO U + AIGA SF: Calling All Designers

IDEO and AIGA SF are proud to announce Scholarships for Diversity, a new program aimed to identify and incubate projects and programs that have a specific focus in championing, facilitating and improving diversity through design.

Are you currently pursuing a design-related project, program, or business that champions diversity? SF Scholarships for Diversity are an opportunity to learn and practice IDEO methods and take your diversity project to the next level.

Deadline to apply is March 29, 2017.

Diversity makes design better. As designers, we understand that for our creations to attain the level of impact we seek, we need to internalize different perspectives, viewpoints, and cultures. We want to support individuals fostering diversity—and help them in their quest to include the voices of diverse perspectives and to tell the stories that promote inclusion. Scholarship winners will have the opportunity to:

- Participate in IDEO U's Insights for Innovation or Storytelling for Influence courses.

- Learn the lifelong skills of generating human-centered, empathic insights, uncovering unmet needs, and refining your story to achieve maximum impact.

- Practice new skills and receive feedback from IDEO U mentors, alumni coaches, and a supportive community of innovation professionals.

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