Community 23 October 2017
The Service Experience Conference
8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Grand Hyatt San Francisco

345 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA 94108

San Francisco

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5:30 pm
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Service Experience Conference

San Francisco, Oct. 23–24

The Service Experience Conference focuses on talks and workshops providing attendees the tools they need to think strategically in a changing business landscape. For the customer, it’s a seamless click of a button and a delivery at the door. For the service experience designer, this means facilitating a complex network of data, human interaction, automation, system integrations, and product delivery logistics. It’s a lot to think about, and we’ll be digging deep together.

Who should go? In a word: Inquirers. Their job titles: Not so fast! Don’t put these people in a box. Their work style is big-picture thinking followed by curiosity-driven action. Maybe they’ve been doing this a while and want to grow their networks, or maybe they want to bring their organization value by exploring challenges like system migrations, customer behaviors, or scaling operations through the lens of service design.

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