Automation 08 October 2019
Session 1: Approaching Automation Design
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


130 Sutter Street, Suite 600

San Francisco, CA 94104

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In partnership with Oracle Design, we are proud to present a three-part series on “Design for Automation”:

As UX Designers, focusing on the user has always been at the heart of our mission and process. But in a world transformed by automation, AI, and Machine Learning, who is the ‘user’ now? Will our traditional mission as designers, and our tried-and-true methodologies still work when the ‘user’ isn’t just a person anymore?

Join Oracle Design for a three-part series to explore what it means to Design for Automation powered by AI/ML, voice, chatbots, digital assistants, and more. We'll share what we’ve learned in our journey to redesign the 'future of work’ including design principles, specific examples of UX and UI problems we’ve solved for, and lessons learned. Finally, apply what you’ve learned with a hands-on workshop, and celebrate the winning team’s design in style.

Session 1: Approaching Automation Design

We’ll discuss the principles, techniques, and methodologies needed to design for automation including what we’ve learned at Oracle. For example, how do you ‘design for trust’ when automation is counted on to run key parts of your business?

Oracle Design + AIGA SF: Exploring design one interaction at a time

At Oracle Design, we’ve been eagerly looking forward to our partnership with AIGA SF. It’s one of those moments when the design stars align and we get to share our inspiration, insights, and reflection with a community of design-minded folks.

Throughout this partnership, we want to celebrate the broad strokes, the pixel-nudging details, the behind-the-scene processes, and everything in between. If it contributes to exceptional design, we’re game to explore it. Because that’s what we’re focused on every day: designing experiences that will help people fall in love with Oracle one interaction at a time.

And we recognize that remarkable design requires more than just attention to detail. It requires heart, patience, and, most importantly, community. Luckily for us, collaborating with AIGA SF will allow us to connect with you and let us learn from one another.

Attend all 3 events in the series for the best experience. Registration for each event is required:

Session 1: Approaching Automation Design

Session 2: Deconstructing Automation Design

Session 3: Automation Design Workshop (Session for attendees of Session 1 or 2 preferred! Tickets will be announced soon!)

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AIGA SF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. All proceeds from ticket sales directly support the local design community and future programming.

Winston Wang, Vice President of Design, Fintech & ERP
Aylin Uysal, Vice President of Design, HCM
Jennifer Darmour, Vice President of Design, SCM