Community 01 November 2017
Meet the Creative Directors
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

SJSU Student Union Meeting Room 1

211 S 9th St

San Jose

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Meet the Creative Directors

Three top Silicon Valley creative team leaders share their experiences and creative paths. From corporate identity and branding to artificial intelligence and UX in the Industrial Internet, our panel has led teams that design global brands, products, and experiences.

Presented by AIGA SF and NEO Design.

Art Kilinski, Creative Director
Art Kilinski is Group Creative Director, Enterprise, on NVIDIA’s in-house creative team where he leads a team of art directors, copywriters, and designers. They work on all things creative for artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, data center, pro visualization, VR, and robotics products. Previously Art led several brand repositioning and rebranding programs while Creative Director at Cisco and NetApp. Prior to that, Art was on the agency side, leading UX/UI design for websites and software products for clients such as Apple, Sony, Warner Brothers, GM, and Symantec. He’s taught design at SJSU and UC Extension and regularly speaks at schools and conferences on design, branding, and creativity. He’s happiest when 2nd graders tell him they want to be graphic designers.
Rory Loeb, Designer and Storyteller
Rory Loeb is a San Francisco-based designer and storyteller, creating the future of Artificial Intelligence, automotive, gaming, and professional graphics as the Creative Director of Brand and Identity at NVIDIA. His team uncovers ways to help their internal and external audiences connect with—and continue to build passion for—the company and its products. They have an emphatic focus on understanding problems through empathy, data, and a good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation. Prior to NVIDIA, Rory has worked on both the tech and creative sides of tech and gaming companies, small boutique agencies, as well as tiny non-profits and startups.
Hans von Sichart, UX design leader
Hans von Sichart is a UX design leader with solid experience building successful products. He has created engaging software across all platforms: from mobile and PC to 10-foot TV interfaces and industrial HMI dashboards. Hans has taught User Centered Design at the University of Lübeck in Germany. He created design languages at Philips, Yahoo, and GE, and worked for Apple on iWeb to help Internet novices effortlessly create web sites. For Plantronics he created MyHeadset, a mobile app that helps users connect to Bluetooth headsets. He is now with the Predix Design System team, which creates the operating system for the Industrial Internet. His team enables field engineers to view big data as highly engaging and interactive data visualizations.