04 March 2021
Leading with Intention
9:00 am - 10:00 am

San Francisco

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9:00 am
Introduction and 3 short presentations
9:35 am
10:00 am
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Inclusive Marketing, Conversation Design, Accessibility in Color Design: three areas in which the ‘Intention mindset’ plays a pivotal role in designing more equitable products, services, and experiences. Join our Salesforce Design team as they discuss the importance of being intentional in design from ideation to iteration. Learn how design leaders are bringing self-awareness to consequences and mapping the impact of their work.

Intention is one of the four mindsets of Relationship Design. It’s a creative approach for design practitioners to use to drive business and social value by focusing on building relationships with customers, employees, and the community.


The Salesforce Design teams are dedicated to elevating design as a practice and advocating for its power to create trusted relationships with users, customers, partners, and community. We’re bringing together our internal and external design communities, sharing our knowledge with the industry, and helping redefine the future of business by putting relationships front and center. We are putting a name to this relationship-oriented design practice, Relationship Design, and bringing its philosophy, tools, and methodologies to our ecosystem and the world at large.

Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts is a Strategic Accounts Director (Enterprise Sales) at Salesforce. She is an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equality for women and minorities within the world of Tech and a BOLDforce leader. Monica is passionate about connecting the lives of people in search of a community where they can thrive, bring value, and compete.
Ally Siegel
Ally Siegel leads the Equality Enablement and Content team at Salesforce. She empowers others with the tools they need to lead with equity and inclusion in their business and is widely recognized for establishing several Salesforce DEI practices, and her work to define inclusive marketing principles.
Greg Bennett
Greg Bennett is Conversation Design Principal at Salesforce, where he founded and leads the company’s first dedicated Conversation Design practice since its inception. As a sociolinguist, Greg focuses his work on empowering businesses to create conversational experiences that feel natural and helpful, build user trust, and meet customer expectations for conversational behavior. Greg works with Salesforce’s Product teams, customers, and partners to tailor their designs for cross-cultural communication across channels and markets, as well as how to effectively express system persona and conversational style.
Jade Pennig
Jade Pennig is a Director of UX Engineering at Salesforce, where she enjoys working at the intersection of design and code. Passionate about all aspects of the web experience, she worked with Kellen to create the Salesforce Color System, a generated color system based in contrast accessibility.
Kellen Mannion
Kellen Mannion is a Design Systems Lead at Salesforce who recently worked with Jade to create the Salesforce. He has a background in brand, b2b, b2c, two-sided marketplace product experiences, and design systems. Fields of experience that have helped inform partnership navigation and buy-in for wide-scale product evolution. Abstract foundational system solutions and visual problem-solving are driving passions of his.