20 March 2019
Designing Products for All the Senses
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


1019 Market Street

San Francisco

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6:00 pm
Doors Open
6:30 pm
Panel Discussion Begins
7:30 pm
Q & A
7:45 pm
Q & A Wraps up
9:00 pm
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When we think about design, we tend to think first about how it impacts our visual sense, but there are countless examples of how design engages the rest of our faculties. Chefs and food stylists are concerned with taste as well as visual impact, exhibition and environmental designers have to factor in how space might smell, sound designers are changing the way we hear the world through technology, and industrial designers must create satisfyingly tactile products. The smell of a new book or the noise of an electric car matters, and it’s really when all the senses come together that we form the most compelling user experience. Anything we can perceive is an opportunity for design, and designers are advancing the art on all of these fronts. Please join us for a multi-disciplinary panel discussion about designing beyond the visual.

About the Designing Products Series

Join AIGA San Francisco and a panel of leading product designers in the Bay Area to discuss how the digital design field has evolved into a holistic product discipline. Products bring together a variety of designers to create something people can see, touch and use. Whether you’re an industrial designer, user experience designer, interaction designer, graphic designer, illustrator or user researcher, if you’re working on a product or product team, you’re a Product Designer. This series breaks down the silos of design disciplines and celebrates the evolution of product design as a multi-disciplinary field.

Who Should Attend

The Designing Products series is geared towards designers who are already practicing within the space and have experience in the field but are looking to gain more insights and meet like-minded people.

Patrick Corrigan, Founder & Head of Creative at Airlift
Patrick Corrigan has more than 20+ years of experience in the design industry and specializes in building new futures for digital, physical, and brand experiences. He’s currently the founder and Head of Creative at Airlift, an independent design studio located in San Francisco. Formerly, Patrick was a Principal at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development responsible for the design and product execution of future car experiences. In addition, he has held design positions at Method, The Attik, Nike, and Microsoft.
Nichole Rouillac, Founding Partner at Level
Nichole is creative director and co-founder at Level. She has deep experience taking complex new technologies and shaping them into forms that foster emotional connections between consumers and brands. Her work has helped to create new industry categories and propelled products into the spotlight--garnering industry awards and recognition. Before founding level, she was associate creative director at HTC. She is the Chair of IDSA Women In Design and has a mission to bring balance to the industrial design field at large.
Melissa Shin, co-founder of Shin Shin
Melissa Shin is the co-founder of Shin Shin, an award-winning architecture firm based in Los Angeles. Shin Shin’s work lies at the intersection of science, technology, and aesthetics - using imagery and narrative to explore all scales of design. Melissa trained in the offices of Greg Lynn, Herzog de Meuron, and Frank Gehry and holds a Master of Architecture from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from MIT.
Siera Sinclair, Sound Designer at Facebook
Siera Sinclair is an Interaction Sound Designer at Facebook. She has an M.F.A. in Music Production & Sound Design and has trained under Grammy Award winning audio engineers and musicians. Siera has experience in the end-to-end creative process of many projects, ranging from film scoring and product sound design, to live performance and leading workshops. With a wide ranging skill set in all things audio, she works to make creative visions come to life.