Product Design 26 February 2020
Design + Product Management: Understanding Product Strategy
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Adobe SF

601 Townsend Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

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6:00 pm
Doors Open // Mingling, Food & Drinks
6:45 pm
Lightning Talks & Panel Begins
8:00 pm
Discussion Wraps Up
8:30 pm
Event Ends // Doors Close

As designers we are constantly thinking about the experience—but what about other overlapping skills that help to ship a product? We hear a lot about designers needing to know how to code, but do they also need to understand product strategy?

Join us on February 26th as we hear from a panel of Product Designers and Product Managers talk about the overlap between design, product, and business.

Major thanks to our sponsor and friends at Adobe

Only Adobe gives everyone — from emerging artists to global brands — everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences. Adobe is a proud sponsor of AIGA SF. Together with AIGA, Adobe actively engages with the creative community in dialogues about the important issues in the fields of design and technology.

Demian Borba | Strategic Development Manager for Adobe XD
As one of the first Product Managers for XD, Demian has almost 20 years of experience in technology, design, business, community, and training. Before Adobe, he worked at PayPal, Braintree, BlackBerry, UCSD, and multiple digital agencies, including his own, Action Creations. Demian is committed to the growth of new innovators, by teaching Design, Development, and Design Thinking. He is also a passionate surfer and dedicated father.
Eric Bollman | Product Design at Facebook
Eric Bollman’s a user experience leader and practitioner with over 15 years’ experience. He has expertise in startups, supporting enterprise ad products and building community-focused products. In 2010, Eric co-founded and served as Chief Design Officer of Perkville, a revolutionary service that empowers any local business to create a customized loyalty program within minutes. Eric currently works at Facebook where he defines product experiences to empower community leaders.
Samantha Warren | Senior Experience Design Manager for Creative Cloud Services at Adobe
As the Senior Experience Design Manager for Creative Cloud Services, Samantha leads the product design vision for Adobe Fonts, Extensibility, Assets and Collaboration. She is passionate about redefining Design leadership to be more collaborative and people-focused. In the past, she has been a Design Director for agencies, a product design consultant for startups, and a designer at Twitter. A few years ago she championed, a method for establishing a visual language during the design process. She loves spending time with her husband in the outdoors, mid-century modern furniture, and hanging with her puppy named Ray Ray.
Nisa Andrews | Freelance Product Designer
As a self-taught Product Designer, Nisa has worked on complex system design problems at Uber, large scale redesigns at Razorfish, and has freelanced for projects across nonprofits and blockchain applications. Nisa is passionate about how collaboration and connection amongst teams can be even stronger through mindfulness practices. She loves spending time in nature, nerding out over behavioral science, cooking vegan food, and riding her motorcycle through forest canyons with friends.
Jonathan Pimento | Sr. Product Manager for Adobe XD
Jonathan shares an unbiased passion for design and technology. An engineer by background, he joined Adobe as an Experience Designer for Creative Cloud, where he worked on different products and services that empowered creatives across print and web. He currently works as a Senior Product Manager on Adobe XD. The intersection of design, technology, and empathy is what drives his passion for building product. Working across different domains, multiple mediums, disparate personas, and overlapping goals is what makes his role at Adobe so exciting.