Design Career 05 December 2017
D.Talks: Designing for the Future of Healthcare – Sold Out
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


130 Sutter St

San Francisco

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D.Talks is an ongoing series of panel discussions presenting practical information about current trends and hot topics in the world of design and business. Our goal is to foster robust dialog and critical thinking, so crowd participation is an integral part of each event.

The future of healthcare is changing in ways from how you purchase to how you receive. Join us for a discussion on the future of healthcare and how design plays a role in it. We will dive into various design choices transforming healthcare from preventative actions to hospital care, as well as a look into how design can change the public health sector.

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Josh Levine, Business Author and Educator
A company is only as good as its people, and Josh Levine is on a mission to help organizations create a culture advantage from the inside out. His day job is Principal of Great Monday, a 10-year-old culture design company serving technology companies and social enterprises. Curious to experiment and connect with like minds, he co-founded CultureLabX in 2013 and has seen it grow into a nationwide community. And because he just can’t get enough, you will also find him sharing his ideas as an instructor in the MBA programs at California College of the Arts, on stage at culture conferences. His book on designing company cultures will be published in 2018 with McGraw-Hill. Josh holds a BS in Engineering Psychology from Tufts University, and BFA in design from the Academy of Art University.
Alexis Turim - Service Designer at Kaiser Permanente
Alexis Turim is a service designer at Kaiser Permanente. She is part of the Innovation Consultancy, a small internal design and innovation team working to improve the experience of giving and receiving care at KP. They use human-centered design to inspire new conversations and approaches to complex challenges like cost transparency, next-generation clinic design, and the care experience of transgender members. They are based in clinics, working alongside care teams to design new experiences and prototype the future together.
Cori Schauer - Senior Service Designer for the Digital Services team at the City & County of San Francisco
Cori Schauer is a Senior Service Designer for the Digital Services team at the City & County of San Francisco where she works with various departments on designing services for the public. Her current project is designing services for the newly formed Office of Cannabis. Previous to that, she did a year fellowship in San Francisco's Department of Public Health working on improving care experience for patients and staff across the San Francisco Health Network. Prior to working for the city of San Francisco, Cori held research positions at Dropbox, Mozilla and Nasa.
Lakshmi Manikantan - Product Designer at Stride Health
Lakshmi is a product designer at Stride Health, a healthcare and benefits platform. She uses her background in psychology and marketing to design products that make taxes, insurance and finances navigable for independent workers. Lakshmi’s also been doing front end development ever since an unfortunate summer when she was 11, and her mom sent her to nerd camp. Lakshmi is also a professional violinist and actress. You can find her work on TechCrunch and other media outlets.