Duncan Channon names Director in their new Social Purpose Practice
Earlier this spring, Duncan Channon announced the addition of MJ Deery as the first director of our social purpose practice. “In an increasingly connected world and given our current political climate, a brand’s values, actions and social impact matter more than they arguably ever have,” said CCO and partner, Michael Lemme. “It’s no longer optional. It’s a vital component of a healthy brand.”

“We’ve always marveled at MJ’s gift for strategic insight, creative leadership and artful storytelling, but it became clear we needed to create a purpose-driven role for her when she revealed a deep personal passion and understanding of how consumer expectations, social media and politics are transforming the role of brands as citizens.”

Prior to joining DC, MJ served as a creative director at Mekanism where she worked on campaigns for Nordstrom, Jim Beam and Alaska Airlines.

MJ says: “DC’s campaigns to call out big tobacco for the California Tobacco Control Program and to herald doctors who actually listen for John Muir Health showed me they make work that matters. They were the first agency I pitched to create this role because of their work and our shared perspective on how human connections, transparency and values shape our experience.”

In an increasingly networked and transparent world, a brand’s appeal, and ultimate loyalty, is as much dependent on how it behaves as the quality of the products it offers. Millennials and the 2K generation behind them are ever more interested in what companies are doing to demonstrate alignment with their values. They are willing to pay more, and stay loyal to, companies who understand their obligation to society as a whole, and the importance of contributing to the greater good. The Purpose Practice is dedicated to helping Duncan Channon clients prove to their customers and their workforce that the values inherent in their offering are supported by meaningful actions in the world.

This article was originally posted on Duncan Channon News April 2017