Call to Participate: AIGA SF 40th Anniversary


While you can’t quite name it, there has always been something special about our region. Innovation and perseverance is in the DNA of the thriving Bay Area design community.

The design community is still here and are invested in it. Despite the headlines and the doubters, we are collectively thrilled to be a part of it all. We're still collaborating with fellow Bay Area designers and new members who have relocated to our region. We’re feeling positive about the future and our role in shaping an accessible, equitable and sustainable world for all. While looking ahead and advancing forward, we will continue to innovate and contribute, while also taking a look back at our history and acknowledging it.

We're going to host our biggest event yet, one that weaves the fabric of the Bay Area together for the entire year through a series of community events and content. The celebration will reflect the energy and hope behind our unique community of designers.

Join us in celebrating our 40th Anniversary as a chapter while we gather the regional community to envision what’s next.



Get together with your friends, co-workers, design teams or reach out to someone who has been an inspiration and participate by creating content, hosting an event, have fun with a social media campaign, or simply donate instead. Contribute to the Bay Area Community and celebrate AIGA SF 40th Anniversary by creating a showcase of the historical past, present day or the future of design.

Fill out the application below and our Anniversary Selection Committee will review. Once approved, we'll send you assets and your project will be added to the AIGA SF Calendar and promoted through our channels. Choose one of the following (or more!)


  • Content ideas could include writing an article for, hosting a podcast, submitting a list of must-read design books by Bay Area authors, offer 1:1 mentorship sessions, organize a group of designers to give back by volunteering for a local nonprofit to do good, or whatever ideas you dream up.

  • OPTION B: Host an EVENT

  • Example events could be panels/lectures/workshops, social or networking gathering, book clubs, dinners, bring your lunch to the park to socialize with designers, organize a hike or another activity with like-minded individuals.


  • Customize your own version of the 40th branding for Social Media: Download the source templates here to create your own social media graphics. We will also use the final graphics to create an online gallery to showcase your contribution.

  • Size to Instagram/Snapchat stories portrait size (1080px by 1920px) and/or square size (2048 x 2048 pixels). Use the following hashtags: #AIGASF40 #aigasf #AIGASFcommunity

  • Email us at so we can promote it from AIGA SF’s social accounts and amplify your images! Tag us @aigasf

  • Gather your design/adjacent industry friends together (colleagues, design teams, leaders, students, educators, change-makers, writers or anyone who wants to contribute) to host an evening of lively discussion and collaboration at the venue of your choice around the topic of the future of the Bay Area design community. You can host a small focused group of invitees or if you'd like to invite members of the public let us know and we'll help send out a call for participants!

  • Create an agenda, a name for your team, an ice breaker, and a focused topic for your roundtable. Choose a date and location. The goal of your roundtable is to create an action item you'd like to see the chapter, your Roundtable Team and members of the design community carry out to shape the future of design in the Bay Area along with a roll out schedule. The sky is the limit! The top 5 goals will be chosen by a selection committee to put into action and announced publicly with credit to participants of your gathering.


    Don't have the bandwidth to participate by submitting an application? Show your support by donating to the AIGA SF Chapter to keep the chapter going strong for the next 40 years! You can make an online donation here, or mail a check!

    Thank you to Clement Mok for his generous cash donation to the AIGA SF Chapter and for designing the 40th Anniversary Branding!

    Mail to:

    AIGA San Francisco, 595 Pacific Ave 4th Fl, San Francisco, CA 94133

    In the subject line of your check add: Donation for 40th Anniversary



    Can I apply for all 3 Options?


    Can I submit more than one application?


    What am I responsible for in regards to my proposal? If you are hosting an in-person event, you are responsible for finding a venue (or hosting the event at your space), the program itself (lining up and managing your speakers, the schedule, and any production for an in-person event), refreshments and check-in.

    If you are hosting a virtual event, you will use our zoom or crowdcast account, but will be responsible for the program itself (lining up and managing your speakers, the schedule, and any production). AIGA SF will have a team member managing zoom or crowdcast.

    If you are participating in Social media, you are responsible for utilizing our template or creating your own assets and submitting the assets to AIGA SF. You will also be responsible for posting and AIGA SF will repost and showcase submissions in an online gallery.

    If you are hosting an in-person roundtable, you are responsible for finding a venue (or hosting the event at your space), the program itself (creating a schedule, topic, assigning a facilitator, managing the discussion, note taking and compilation of the action plan), refreshments and check-in. Once you have created an action plan, AIGA SF will offer support from the 40th Anniversary Committee in carrying it out.

    Who manages marketing and promotion of my event or project? The team at AIGA San Francisco

    If I am hosting an event, who manages ticketing/registration? AIGA San Francisco. You will be given a list of your attendees prior to doors opening so you can check people in at the door.

    If you are hosting an invite-only roundtable, you will be responsible for your own registration. If you choose to invite the general public through AIGA SF, our team will manage registration.

    How do I fund my projects submitted in the application? AIGA SF is a 501c3 nonprofit and our Anniversary is a fundraiser to strengthen the chapter for the next 40 years. You are responsible for your own expenses but you or your studio will be recognized on our 40th Anniversary Contribution page!

    What if I want to show my support by making a donation to the chapter? You can make an online donation here, or mail a check made out to: AIGA San Francisco

    In the subject line add: donation for 40th Anniversary

    Mail to:

    595 Pacific Ave 4th Fl
    San Francisco, CA 94133


    Do you have questions about the application process? Maybe you haven't hosted an event before and need guidance or support? Just want to connect? We're here for you. Send us an mail