Behind WILD – a powerful brand that empowers women

Announcing our Partnership with Wunderdogs

Behind WILD – a powerful brand that empowers women

The Women in Leadership + Design (WILD) initiative is celebrating its first anniversary and the next phase is an important one. In order to continue the momentum, we wanted to create an online resource for women and non-binary persons to reference, connect and stay up to date on WILD activities and events. In order to achieve this, it was important to collaborate with a design team who shared our values and is aligned with our mission. When we were approached by Wunderdogs, a female-led branding agency based in San Francisco, we knew we the partnership was a great example of women supporting women and helping each other achieve goals.

“With Wunderdogs’ experience in creative branding and digital marketing, we were delighted to be invited to partner with AIGA San Francisco in the creation of a full and compatible digital presence for the WILD brand.” - Daria, co-founder, Wunderdogs

The most important goal for WILD is to bring together exceptional women and non-binary persons and to create a sense of community where women can support other women on their professional journey.

“Historically the AIGA SF community has had strong female representation and we continue to strive to be a resource to women in design and non-binary individuals on the path to leadership or those who are already succeeding in the role.” says Dawn Zidonis, Executive Director of AIGA SF.

“While we know this will be an ongoing effort and we are only just beginning, we are calling on the community to be a part of the process by sharing success stories, challenges faced, tuning us in to resources available to add to the website, offer to speak or lead a program or volunteer on a committee. Together we can come together as a community...”

With the launch of the website designed and developed by Wunderdogs, we hope to spend the next year gathering valuable resources for the community, to offer programming that is helpful to women in succeeding in their goals, and to create content that keeps the community connected.

Interested in getting involved? Please contact Maria Huffine or fill out our form

WILD’s mission

WILD’s purpose is to empower women and genderqueer persons at every stage on their path to leadership by bringing together communities, organizing meetups, and facilitating workshops.


Leah King, AIGA SF Board Member

Allison Leeds, AIGA SF Board Member

Harper Brokaw-Falbo, Committee Co-Lead

Dawn Zidonis, Executive Director

ABOUT AIGA San Francisco

AIGA SF, the professional association for design, provides unparalleled opportunities for networking within the local design community, as well as offer a variety of resources to advance professionalism and broaden knowledge. Events are organized to stimulate discourse and enrich our collective experience of design.

With our vast community throughout the Bay Area that comes from all disciplines, backgrounds and levels of experience, an important part of our activities involves dealing with social, ethical and professional challenges that our community faces.

About Wunderdogs

Wunderdogs is a creative team on a mission to transform amazing underdogs into big dogs. We provide beginning-to-end brand strategy, design, production and marketing services for emerging and growth stage companies. Embracing our Silicon Valley roots, we focus on working with technology companies, venture funds, emerging industries and high impact organizations.

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