AIGA SF + Adobe XD Series with Elizé Todd

Together with Adobe XD we curated a series of workshops facilitated by with Elize Todd filled with insight and instruction to learn new skills.

The series starts with Design, Prototype and Share which is an introduction to Adobe XD fundamentals. We then moved to part two: The Why and How of Design Systems which delves into design systems, why they are important and how to create them with Adobe XD. The final workshop in the serie:s Advanced Prototyping explores how prototyping helps teams communicate intent and test their hypotheses and build realistic prototypes to remove barriers for a user and yields richer results.

Elizé Todd is a User Experience Designer, Educator and Content Creator. She is an enterprise instructor for Adobe XD, teaches at General Assembly, as well as runs her own consultancy. She has a passion for motivating and inspiring designers through her speaking engagements and content on Youtube and Instagram.

We asked her a couple questions to get more insight into UX/UI and how Adobe XD can be a great tool to accomplish our goals as designers:

AIGA SF: How did you get involved in UX/UI?
Elizé Todd: I was a performing artist in my mid-20’s, which meant I was waitressing and driving Uber to make money! I felt like I was ready for a change and a intriguing conversation I had with a dining guest led to me checking out a bunch of UX meetup groups and info sessions. After reading a book UX Strategy by Jamie Levvy, I knew that this would be a career I’d really enjoy and I signed up for a UX bootcamp.

AIGA SF: What do you love most about UX/UI?
Elizé Todd: I love giving power to the people! I’m one of those people who believes the customer is (almost) always right. :)

AIGA SF: What is your advice to people starting in the UX/UI field?
Elizé Todd: Dip your toes in to see if you like it before investing a bunch of money. Start with a workshop, a free course, some books, etc. and if you enjoy it, then invest more time & money.

AIGA SF: Why is a series like this so important to folks interested in UX?
Elizé Todd: Experience a UX design tool in action! It also gives you the opportunity to get into the design file yourself and have fun playing around without any pressure.

AIGA SF: What is your favorite part of UX?
Elizé Todd: I LOVE testing with users and implementing feedback into my designs.

AIGA SF: What is your favorite tool to use?
Elizé Todd: XD!

AIGA SF: What is your favorite function in Adobe XD?
Elizé Todd: How fast you can mask and image! It makes my workflow so much quicker!

AIGA SF: Where can I go if I want to continue learning about Adobe XD?
Elizé Todd: Feel free to follow my events at is a great resource for tutorials!


Design, Prototype & Share With AdobeXD: WATCH THE REPLAY

Gone are the days where you need to use different tools for each stage of the design process. From research to concept pitches to developer handoff, we’ll help you convey your ideas and tell the story behind it, all in one place.

  • Key XD features to streamline your design workflow
  • Manage colors, styles, and components centrally
  • Collaborate in real-time with other designers
  • Create an interactive prototype from your designs
  • Sharing and collaborating with others to get feedback
  • Seamless integrations with Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch

  • Why & How of Design Systems: WATCH THE REPLAY

    There’s a lot of buzz around design systems right now, but what are they and why are they important? Design systems are used in many organizations as a systematic approach to design and provide a shared language among team members. They help to improve communication, scalability, and affect the overall user's experience.

    In the session, we will cover the what, the why, as well as the how in creating design systems with Adobe XD.

  • Fundamentals of a design system including typography, colors, components, interactive states, and more within Adobe XD
  • How to create a design system for your project/company
  • Sharing a design system within a team environment
  • How to deliver consistent experiences faster with a design system

  • Advanced Prototyping: WATCH THE REPLAY

    Whether you’re pitching for new business or sharing designs with your team, prototyping helps teams communicate intent and test their hypotheses. Building realistic prototypes helps remove barriers for a user and yields richer results.

  • Transform a static design into a high fidelity prototype
  • Add motion effects, playful interactions, visual feedback, and smooth transitions
  • Create voice commands and speech playback
  • Make component states and hover effects to create micro-interactions
  • Preview prototypes on your device
  • Web-based sharing with stakeholders, developers and users

    A Big Thank you to our Sponsor AdobeXD!

    Adobe XD believes that design is better together. Adobe is a proud sponsor of AIGA SF. Together with AIGA SF, Adobe actively engages with the creative community in dialogues about the important issues in the fields of design and technology.