Adobe VR & Immersive Media Evening: 3 Takeaways

What new experiences can we create today? That’ a question the Adobe design team asks themselves daily so it makes sense that they should open their event with three new product updates last night.

Along with introducing attendees to the new and improved Premier VR & Sidewinder, SonicScape and the recently launched Adobe Dimension, Adobe welcomed Ready at Dawn founder, Andrea Pessino. If you are an avid fan of game design, you’ll likely recognize Andrea’s work which spans Daxter, The God of War series, and his most recent launch powered by Oculus Touch, Echo Arena, and Lone Echo. Andrea shared insights from the beginning of a what he describes as a “once hopeless career launched in Italy,” to how he wound up forming a company of nearly 200 people. Here are our favorite three takeaways from the evening.

Teams are key. In game design everyone needs to work very closely together. Few grow well so it’s important to continuously work to make sure your unit is effective.

Creativity isn’t linear. Creativity is a process that can’t always be held to a timeline. Andrea has found that to keep up with the ever-changing schedule of the process, it was better to have fewer people but more time, opposed to more people but less time.

Games transcend play. Andrea describes game design as a work of art authored to elicit an emotional response from an audience. The essence of a game is the design and being able to create to make people feel expansive, unique, and connected—that goes beyond play.

Big thanks to our partners at Adobe for organizing this immersive media night!

View all photos from the evening here. Photo Credit: Matt Harris.

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