10 – Week Training program in Experience Design

We’re excited to announce that Huge XD School is back with expanded intention. This paid 10-week accelerated training program in Experience Design from our Oakland office requires no educational requirements or formal design training. In fact, we do not even need a portfolio or resume. We’re looking for ambitious, creative people who want to learn the basic skills needed to kick start a career in Design.

Leaders from across the Huge network will teach students how to apply those foundational design skills to real-world problems. They’ll also be taught problem solving, how to effectively work on a team, and how to turn concepts into digital products and bring ideas to life. Students of Huge XD School can expect:

  • Learn the foundational concepts and skills of Experience Design
  • Understand people’s needs and create purposeful solutions
  • Work on a professional project end-to-end
  • Experience the life and rhythm of a Designer at Huge
  • Be taught by discipline leaders at Huge
  • Have Huge coaches and mentors available to you
  • After the 10-week paid program, students may not yet be an expert designer, but they will be able to start their career in design with confidence knowing they have a better understanding of the skills and expectations in the design industry.

    Interested? Join us.