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If members are the heart and soul of AIGA, then the membership committee is the group responsible for keeping the beat.

The AIGA SF Membership Chair is responsible for all aspects of chapter membership including the solicitation of new members and the retention of members up for renewal. The chair is also responsible for maintaining records on membership and acting on monthly reports sent to the chair from the national office.

In addition, the chairs duties and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating and training a committee of volunteers to assist with membership activities
  • Soliciting and advertising local member benefits for AIGA SF members and staying abreast of benefits available to members from the national level
  • Working with the chapter president and the board to create a long range plan for membership growth
  • Speaking at events on the benefits of membership
  • Working with the events chair to develop programs that encourage membership
  • Facilitating an annual membership roundtable to gather feedback, answer questions and solicit suggestions

If you have any questions regarding membership in AIGA, please contact Joseph Schlosser at membership

Corporate or Group Memberships

Did you know that your company can save more than 15 percent by purchasing a group membership rather than individual professional memberships for your employees?

Membership Offers

AIGA National and the SF chapter have developed special offers for our local Bay Area members. For all membership benefits, please visit our Membership section.

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