Nicole Parente-Lopez

WILD Communications Lead

Nicole Parente-Lopez is a creative director, global brand builder, and team builder.

Currently the Executive Creative Director of Intuit’s Brand Experiences & Storytelling team, I lead a multi-disciplinary group of creatives to design cohesive end-to-end global brand experiences.

I also sit on the leadership staff of Intuit’s Design Community, aligning common priorities, shared tools, calibrating talent, and shaping and driving a shared vision for Design’s charter and priorities.

As a creative leader, I am an articulate, thoughtful advocate for brand and design. I nurture a strong sense of community and purpose—rallying troops, inspiring passion and rigor to deliver impact. I am recognized for my sound judgment, a steady hand, and am considered a go-to design partner.

I’ve taught students, mentored early careers, and managed and coached designers at every level, globally.

Earlier in my career, I worked with a diverse range of clients; from corporate to educational, to fine arts and publishing. This path has given me a broad view of the power of design at every level and angle, which is my driving force daily.