AIGA San Francisco

the professional association for design

Site Credit


The AIGA San Francisco website was designed and developed by Brick Design, Inc.

Web hosting is provided by MediaTemple’s Grid-Service.


Helvetica Neue 35 Thin was chosen for main navigation, section titles and page titles. All other content is generated via the web browser using the end-user’s Helvetica font-file (if available), or Arial if Helvetica is not available.

Main navigation and section titles are image-replaced using CSS. Page titles utilize sIFR 3 beta to auto-generate the titles using Helvetica Neue 35 Thin embedded in a Flash movie.

Front-end Development

The website’s front-end was marked up to be a good citizen of the Semantic Web with hand-coded XHTML, CSS and Javascript. Microformats were used where possible for event and people-related data. The media player and homepage calendar were built in Flash.

Special thanks to the people behind the Prototype JS and libraries for making much of the javascript development a breeze.

Back-end Development

AIGA SF’s custom CMS was built using Blackbird, an open-source data relationship manager developed by Brick’s very own Charles Mastin and Joshua Rudd.

All data is stored in a MySQL database.

The custom template and middle-ware layer were built with PHP5.

Tools used during design and development of the site