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Enrichment Scholarship

>Donate to the Enrichment Scholarship in honor or memory of a mentor, educator or friend or by contacting us.*

The Enrichment Scholarship was created by AIGA San Francisco to enhance the quality and diversity of design education, and invest in the future of our students and design education.

In June, we’ll be awarding 12 Scholarships to a college-level student from each of our participating schools which may be used to underwrite the cost of their design education or to pay for a supplemental program such as attending a design conference or participating in a class or workshop.

Interesting in contributing $1000 or more? We’ll award the scholarship in your name, or in honor of a mentor or loved one of your choosing.

Three students from each of our 12 student groups will be selected to enter. Students must be AIGA members to enter but they can join at that time. A panel of independent judges will select one final scholarship winner from each school. One overall winner will be awarded the Larsen Scholarship. Contact your AIGA faculty sponsor for more information on how to participate. The final awards are subject to review and approval by AIGA SF’s Board of Directors.

Make an online tax-deductible donation to the Enrichment Scholarship online or by contacting us.

Last years 2012 Scholarship Judging Committee

Jim Bull, Founder & Creative Director
Moving Brands

Brett Wickens, Partner
Ammunition Group

Paula Scher, Partner
Pentagram Design New York

The scholarship recipients are awarded on Portfolio Day.

AIGA SF Participating Student Groups

Academy of Art University City College of San Francisco
Hunter Wimmer Lorraine Leber
Art Institute of California, San Francisco    San Francisco State University
David Overstreet Joshua Singer
California College of the Arts San Jose State University
Christopher Simmons Connie Hwang
California Poly, San Luis Obispo University of California, Davis
Kathryn McCormick Glenda Drew
California State University, Chico University of the Pacific
Barbara Sudick Marie Anna Lee
California State University, Sacramento     University of San Francisco
Gwen Amos Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
Art Institute of California, Sunnyvale Patrick Michael Baird

List of 2012 Recipients.
List of 2011 Recipients.
List of 2010 Recipients.
List of 2009 Recipients.

Enrichment Scholarship Fund

The Enrichment Scholarship Fund was initially raised over a four-year period by the AIGA SF Education Committee and the Board of Directors. We would like to thank the following individuals and companies for their generous support in establishing the fund as well as those that have continued to support the Fund.

Larsen Scholarship

The Larsen Scholarship has been graciously contributed by Larsen and will be awarded at the Portfolio review to honor Tim Larsen’s contribution to design education.

2013 Supporters

2012 Supporters

  • Larsen
  • David Asari
  • Patrick Coyne
  • Jessica Gore
  • Thomas Ingalls
  • Michael Mabry
  • Eric Madsen

2011 Supporters

  • Alice Bybee
  • Jessica Gore
  • Amy Gustincic
  • Michael Mabry
  • Eric Madsen
  • Arvi Raquel-Santos
  • Stephanie Steyer
  • Ann Worthington

Corporate Sponsor

  • Adobe Systems


  • Doug Akagi
  • Primo Angeli
  • John Bricker
  • Chronicle Books
  • Brian Collentine
  • DFS Group LTD.
  • Melanie Doherty
  • Kit Hinrichs
  • Luxon Carra
  • Michael Manwaring
  • Jennifer Morla
  • Yashi Okita
  • Michael Osborne
  • Steve Tolleson
  • Michael Vanderbyl
  • Matthew Youngblood
  • Zimmerman Crowe


  • David Meckel

Friends of the Enrichment Scholarship

  • Susan Brady
  • Diane Carr
  • Michael Cronan
  • Deepa Textiles
  • Mark Fox
  • Cliff Goldman/Carnegie Fabrics
  • Terry Irwin
  • Steve Reoutt
  • Bill Reuter
  • Lucille Tenazas


  • Leslie Becker
  • Patricia Bruning
  • Madeleine Corson
  • Greg Daly
  • Diana Dreyer
  • Rob Hugel
  • Jerry Kuyper
  • Michael Mabry
  • Sandra McHenry
  • Shel Perkins

Special Gifts

  • AIGA San Francisco

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