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Design History

The San Francisco chapter of AIGA is proud to be the first in the nation to establish a Design History board position. In the broadest sense, the Design History initiative aims to shed light on the role design has played in culture throughout history.

To that end, we maintain a library of design books at the AIGA SF offices and are in the process of creating a design history scholarship. At times, we facilitate the exhibition of design artifacts in San Francisco, act as a general resource for information on design history and create original editorial content for AIGA publications where historical information is required.

Why is Design History Important?

An understanding of design history situates design practice in context. If the definition of a professional is a person trained in both theory and practice, and if a profession’s theories arise from its history, then the Design History initiative serves to encourage greater professionalism amongst AIGA members.

Because graphic design is the most ubiquitous of visual arts, its function and impact on daily life is often overlooked by those outside the profession. This initiative promotes an appreciation of the role design has played in our communities, which ultimately serves to increase the value of design and designing.

AIGA San Francisco Design Library

AIGA SF has founded a Design Library at our offices on Sutter Street.

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