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Business Outreach

AIGA SF established a Business Outreach program to help the broader business community understand the commercial value of design as it relates specifically to their business. Our primary goal is to increase awareness of AIGA as a valuable professional resource as well as a clearinghouse for information relating to professional standards of practice.

Why is Business Outreach important?

For AIGA to be relevant, the role and value of design must be understood by those we serve. Business leaders, small business owners, marketing directors, and others who purchase creative services can clearly benefit from an increased understanding of design and its contribution to their bottom line. This knowledge ultimately serves the design community as a whole.

Business Outreach Chair duties and responsibilities include:

  • Producing a design and business lecture series with design-centric companies in the bay area
  • Hosting special events or complimentary components of planned events
  • Leading the chapter and its members toward increased awareness of amazing local design-centric businesses that invest and believe in in-house design
  • Creating a culture of networking and collaboration of like-minded businesses that value the importance and influence of design
  • Creating awareness and education around how designers and businesses can benefit from closer working relationships

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