Flatiron School + AIGA SF #changethings

Finding moments to grow together in this challenging time, through learning

During difficult times, maintaining a sense of community is key. AIGA SF is happy to announce a partnership with Flatiron School to support creatives who are navigating uncharted waters. We believe that despite the circumstances designers are uniquely equipped to thrive in harsh conditions and solve new problems. That’s why we’re launching the #ChangeThings challenge. Over the upcoming months, we invite you to join us to connect, discover, and learn more about growing fields in tech. We’ll be sharing a series of events and content to inspire you and to create a space for transparent conversations around the future of work. There’s no obligation to participate, no cost, and you can join the challenge at any time. Contribute to the conversation as much as you feel comfortable - how you engage and challenge yourself is up to you. Tune into any of our weekly virtual workshops and community chats to share your thoughts or download our free bootcamp prep courses in coding, data science, and cybersecurity to explore new topics.

Follow along and join us in our #changethings Challenge!

We believe that we can choose to manage change, or embrace it. Who knows, this may be the time you tap into your potential, discover a new passion, skill, or path that pushes your life in a new and positive direction. Amazing things can happen when you #changethings.

Flatiron School helps people with no prior technical experience learn the skills they need for the future workforce. Through a rigorous curriculum and a supportive, collaborative community, Flatiron School’s education program transforms passionate learners into skilled tech professionals in as little as 12 weeks. Their on-campus and online courses focus on high-growth skill-sets, including software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity. With a commitment to students that continues beyond graduation, Flatiron School’s expert instructors and dedicated career coaches have helped thousands of people unlock their true potential with the new careers they deserve.


Join Flatiron School for one of their upcoming virtual events! Topics include Software Engineering, Data Science, Design, and Cyber Security Analytics workshops, panel discussions, and information on their available courses!


Check out Flatiron School’s 2019 Jobs Report. They showcase their graduates job placement rates, starting salaries, and different companies where new grads work! Flatiron School was the first bootcamp to release independently verified jobs data, setting the bar for the industry, and we remain committed to delivering accurate, verified numbers. This year’s report features data from over 800 students across five campuses in four cities — New York City, London, Washington, D.C., Houston — and our online program.


Access to a future you’ll love with $0 upfront. Flatiron School believes in limitless potential. Talent is something that’s distributed evenly — regardless of background or financial situation — but opportunity isn’t. Our Access Scholarship provides opportunities for individuals motivated to reach for them, especially if they’ve experienced roadblocks in the past.

You deserve the chance to tap into your full potential and change your life with the first step to a new career — regardless of your background or financial situation. You deserve an opportunity to shape the future. You deserve access.

Scholarship details:

Start learning for $0 upfront with a $3,000 scholarship. For students in the U.S., if you qualify for Flatiron School’s Income Share Agreement, you'll be able to defer your remaining tuition obligation until after graduation when you’re earning income. Scholarships are limited and are available to 35–50 students per month across all campuses.

Eligibility: Available for all Flatiron School campus-based courses globally (currently not available for online programs). To build a more diverse, inclusive tech community, Access Scholarships will be awarded to students from underrepresented communities and those in need of financial assistance. Candidates must identify as a member of one of the following groups:

  • Women
  • Underrepresented minorities
  • People with disabilities
  • Veterans or British Armed Forces Service Leavers
  • LGBTQ+
  • Other eligibility:

    You may also qualify if you’re residing in one of the regions below and earned less than the annual income shown during at least the last 12 consecutive months:

  • San Francisco: $50,000
  • Washington, D.C., New York City, Seattle: $40,000
  • Houston, Chicago, Austin, Denver: $33,000
  • London: £20,000
  • Includes those whose ability to earn income is impacted by COVID 19 including inability to work remotely, laid off, furloughed, loss of wages.